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JBM Pub-Club: Rendezvous With Ravinder Singh!

Following the #JBMatJLF series, here’s an exclusive rendezvous with the author Ravinder Singh.

Ravinder is the author of I Too Had a Love Story, Can Love Happen Twice?, “Like it happened Yesterday” and Your Dreams are Mine Now is now a passionate publisher and he’s talking at the Jaipur Book Mark’16!

Erubescent Ecstasy: Define yourself in one word.

Ravinder Singh: Rebellious

EE: Your take on the Publishing Industry?

RS: Indian publishing industry is evolving. There is a lot of potential (look at our population) but look at how small our book sales numbers are vis-a-vis the tiny UK. The highly successful bestselling authors of this decade aren’t the creation of publishing houses, but they are self-made authors, who were once rejected by almost every publishing house they knew about. I would love to see Indian publishing industry betting its money and creating a new league of celebrated authors. That full time writing appears to be a lucrative proposition. And that many could cherish this profession without the need to do anything else.

EE: What do you prefer, writing or Publishing?

RS:These days I am enjoying Publishing more than writing. I love the phase of cover designing the most.

EE:A word for #JBMatJLF

RS:I am glad something of this sort (B2B) is happening at JLF. What I am keen to see is how we generate value with JBM in our Indian publishing industry. I wish JBM all the verst best.

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