Global Translation Rights Catalogue 2017

Jaipur BookMark 2017 and the Kolkata Literature Festival bring you a catalogue of a select list of works on offer for translation from six Indian languages. The catalogue will also be available online on the Jaipur Literature Festival website, and physical copies will be shared at Teamwork Arts literary events across
the globe and at the International Kolkata Book Fair and all other events organised by Publishers and Booksellers Guild. Rights for these works will be available for translation, digital, film and publication.

This is Jaipur BookMark and the Publishers and Booksellers Guild’s unique contribution to the Indian literary scene. Currently, no other publishing platform in India offers the possibility of both getting to know India’s varied literatures, and making contact with publishers and authors from India’s many languages.

One of the aims of this initiative is to begin answering the question that publishers and agents from across the world often ask: How do we get to know Indian literatures? How can we translate between Indian languages, and from Indian languages into other languages of the world?

With its wealth of literatures in over 23 languages, India offers a rich landscape of writing and Jaipur BookMark and the Publishers and Booksellers Guild are well placed to platform the best of such writing and to help facilitate the sale and exchange of rights both across Indian languages and internationally.

To know more about the translation rights for the titles featured in this catalogue write to us at:

For Bangla, Oriya, Arunachali and Tripura’s works please contact :

For Assamese works contact:

For Nepali Rights contact: