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By Shristri Choudhari, Official Jaipur Literature Festival Blogger As the world becomes increasingly globalised with the pervasion of internet technology in most spheres of life, perhaps there was never a more significant time to discuss colonization and the subsequent chain of events that created what we now know as the ‘modern world’. Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron has previously remarked that the empire should be ‘celebrated,’ saying on a visit to India in 2013, “I th...
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España quiere ampliar el mercado de los libros en la India con autores contemporáneos

España quiere fomentar las traducciones literarias para abrir el mercado a la literatura contemporánea en español. India es prioridad, teniendo en cuenta que este país del sur de Asia —con más de 1.240 millones de habitantes— ofrece grandes audiencias y un enorme potencial de lectores, como bien conoce el sector que trabaja con el idioma inglés, lengua oficial junto al hindi. Dentro de la programación del Hay Festival de Segovia, que concentrará sus eventos del 23 al 25 de septi...
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All The Awesomeness From #JBMatJLF

#JBMatJLF Jaipur Book Mark at Jaipur Literature Festival, 2016 is a one of its kind endeavour in not just the nature of the event but also the plethora of topics relating to modern day reading, writing and publishing issues in the world. In what is easily the largest congregation of the biggest names in publishing and writing industries across the world, JBM at JLF saw profound debate on the issues as local as the taste and challenges of the Indian Reader and also as global as the scope and f...
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JBM Pub-Club: Rendezvous With Ravinder Singh!

Following the #JBMatJLF series, here’s an exclusive rendezvous with the author Ravinder Singh. Ravinder is the author of I Too Had a Love Story, Can Love Happen Twice?, “Like it happened Yesterday” and Your Dreams are Mine Now is now a passionate publisher and he’s talking at the Jaipur Book Mark’16! Erubescent Ecstasy: Define yourself in one word. Ravinder Singh: Rebellious EE: Your take on the Publishing Industry? RS: Indian publishing industry is evolving. There is a ...
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Hi! Ravinder Singh, Here !

He describes himself as a rebellion and is known to the world by his ventures. Ravinder Singh, the author of I Too Had a Love Story, Can Love Happen Twice?, “Like it happened Yesterday” and Your Dreams are Mine Now is now a passionate publisher and he’s talking at the Jaipur Book Mark’16! With just three days to go, I bet this is the best news ever!...
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Mark Your Dates For Jaipur Book Mark @ JLF’16!

Described as the ‘greatest literary show on earth’, the Jaipur Literature Festival(JLF) needs absolutely no introduction. Celebrating talent from all across the world, the festival features the best and biggest of the literature and publishing industry. JLF absolutely needs no introduction; what started about a decade ago stands tall as a legacy today. ‘Jaipur Book Mark’ is what makes JLF more unique! In its third year, Jaipur Book Mark(JBM) is held parallel to ZEE JLF. Conceptu...
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A Writer’s Dream– JBM’16 !

Zee Jaipur Literature Festival opens in exactly 10 days from now and well, so does Jaipur Book Mark! While as a literature enthusiast, I’m absolutely excited at the possibility of meeting so many literary laureates together at the ZeeJLF’16, as an aspiring writer Jaipur Book Mark 2016 will prove to be of the utmost importance to me. JBM’16 is looking forward to host some 65 of the biggest names in the publishing industry. They will not only be imparting all the important details of t...
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